Angela Hoff

About: Angela Hoff

  • Role : Team Global Art Director
  • Website :
  • Experience : Glamour, Editorial, Photography, Television, Film, Camouflage, Special Effect, Bridal
  • Specialist in :
Topics Handling
Course Name Lesson Name Complexity Length
Ultimate Makeup Academy Course UMA: Editorial Beauty 136 mins
Ultimate Makeup Academy Course UMA: Bridal Pro/Fashion Pro 157 mins
Ultimate Makeup Academy Course UMA: Client Makeover 157 mins

After more than a decade of demonstrating passion, incredible artistic vision, and execution working and teaching for Ultimate FaceĀ® Cosmetics, Angela is recognized as an incredible educator throughout our network. She is a talented hair-stylist, and one of the most artistic visionaries we have ever seen. Angela also owns and operates the very successful Haute Couture Salon in Lake Charles, Louisiana.